One Giant Leap: Century Interactive is Now Call Box

Amidst a period of rapid growth, Dallas-based call-tracking firm has rebranded itself

DALLAS - Amidst a period of rapid growth fueled largely by individuals from oft-overlooked Dallas neighborhoods, Century Interactive has adopted Call Box as the new brand name.

"Our model is unique, but it's effective" Patrick Elverum, the company's COO, said, "In this time of breathless coverage of unicorns and glamorous software launches, did you know that one of the most exciting, fastest growing companies in the country has been hidden right here in downtown and is largely fueled by amazing people from some oft-overlooked neighborhoods of Dallas?"

"They unfailingly rise to the challenge of helping the largest automotive groups in the nation Own the Phone" Mike Haeg, director of automotive business development, said in regards to the Call Box family.

When asked about what it means to Own the Phone, Haeg said, "Car dealers, dental office managers, property managers, servicing companies, you name it—the vast majority of these businesses have their most significant first interaction with a customer on the phone—it's important to get that interaction right."

As an established industry leader, Call Box is positioned for continued growth in existing industries and new verticals. "We're in a strong financial position to make further investments in our sales teams and our development efforts," said Elverum. "We've grown over 40% for six consecutive years, and I'm very optimistic about our future opportunities."

To summarize his thoughts on the name-change, Elverum, said, "Call Box is a step forward for us and a look inward for anyone who is unaware of what we do."

About Call Box

A global leader in call-tracking and reviewing technologies, Call Box is the corporate parent of popular products like Car Wars, Patient Pursuit, Rent Buzz, Humanatic, Service Hook, and Dial Tag. Call Box revolutionized the industry when it introduced outbound call recording. Today, Call Box aims to inspire the success of our customers by continuously pushing the boundaries of what call-tracking is. Founded in 1988 and based in Dallas, Texas, Call Box operates from its office in downtown Dallas. For more information, visit or contact Hassaan Hashmi at 817-713-2329 or