The 5 Key Phone Trends of 2021 & How to Unlock Your Practice's Potential in 2022

In 2021, healthcare practices were forced to cope with a new normal as it related to patient care. With any number of priorities competing for staff's attention, the phone often became viewed as a nuisance to be dealt with, rather than a prime opportunity waiting to be capitalized on. While progress has been made in some areas of phone handling performance, ground has been lost in others.

In this exclusive data study, Call Box examines key phone handling trends from more than 1,800 healthcare practices to present the top five industry-wide phone trends of 2021. Furthermore, the study offers strategic recommendations to improve your call outcomes in 2022.

In this data study, you'll discover:

The five key phone trends experienced by healthcare practices in 2021

An in-depth comparison of phone handling metrics across the last three years

How your own practice's metrics stack up compared to industry averages

Specific techniques to overcome common phone process challenges

How to make proactive adjustments in 2022 to more effectively leverage the phone

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