Developer Internship

Dallas, TX

Brief Overview

Are you looking for a great internship that exposes you to a variety of personal growth opportunities, programming languages, and thousands of clients who will see your work in action? Our internship position is a perfect fit for you! We love talented mobile gurus, systems engineers, senior programmers, new programmers with light experience but heavy ambitions, cloud computing masters, UI/UX, and everything in between. All we care about is that you are extremely creative and have the drive to improve the functionality of our products for our clients.

Here at Call Box, we've created a first-of-its-time call tracking software that is currently used by over 21,000 businesses, and is unmatched by our competitors. If you've dreamed of being a part of a growing team of fun, talented, and driven entrepreneurs, CB is the right place for you.

What You'll Do:

  • Create and shape new products from the ground up.
  • Add and develop new creative features to existing products.
  • Build smart reports that are used by thousands of users.
  • Thrive in a large, open collaborative environment.

You Must Be...

  • Analytical, but also have the grit and fortitude to carry out your projects.
  • A thinker AND a doer. Not one or the other.
  • Eager to learn and have a lot of creative drive.
  • Take on daily challenges and be adaptable.
  • Be a current Junior or a credit-equivalent student

Recent Projects:

  • Implement a new product feature that efficiently alerts sales agents to opportunities.
  • Work with our in house designers to implement the backend logic of the next killer report.
  • Implement scalable caching techniques to high frequency applications to improve performance.
  • Create a new Android App for a targeted vertical to leverage new telephony features.

Internship Perks:

  • Flexible schedule.
  • Will be paid $10/hr, up to 40 hrs/wk.
  • Company parties every time we hit a goal.
  • Free breakfast on Thursdays.

But wait...where is the obligatory bulleted list of languages and technologies? There isn't one. But if you're dying to know, our stack consists of Coldfusion, SQL Server, Python, Asterisk and jQuery (among others). Our languages don't define us, and they shouldn't define you either. If your favorite language is not in this list, but you know you can become a leading contributor, don't hesitate to apply.

Please upload resumes in PDF format. Do not upload editable documents such as Word docs, .doc, or .docx.

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Call Box is an Equal Opportunity employer. All employment is subject to successful completion of a drug screening.