5 Phone Trends Dictating New and Existing Patient Appointment Outcomes

Did you know, in 2022, only 54.57% of new patient opportunities scheduled an appointment over the phone?

Connecting a patient’s call is the first step in that patient’s appointment journey. However, many practices recognize their roadblock isn't connecting calls, but later down the line in the patient's experience. You’re getting ear to ear with an overwhelming number of patients, but you aren’t seeing a boost in appointments at your practice. Where is your practice dropping the ball? Patients are calling in need of an appointment, so why aren't they scheduling?

In this FREE data study, Call Box compiles top phone trends based on new and existing patient appointment outcomes from 2020 to 2022 by analyzing thousands of practices’ phone metrics. The study describes the importance of appointment requests, offers strategies to improve appointment conversion rates over the phone, and shares why you should focus on improving these metrics at your practice to improve patient experience.

In this comprehensive data study, you'll discover:

Common trends practices see that affect their appointment conversion rates for new and existing patients

Top reasons for appointments not being booked

Actionable tips to improve your practice’s appointment conversion rates

Why you need to focus on each step in the patient's phone experience

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