Resolving a Declining Trend in Healthcare Practices' Call Connection Performance

In 2020, an average of only 63% of patients were able to connect to someone who could help them when calling a healthcare practice. This means a staggering 37% of patient callers slipped through the cracks before even speaking to a qualified staff member. What's worse, call connection is consistently declining year-over-year.

In this exclusive e-book, Call Box compiles top call connection trends by analyzing thousands of healthcare practices' phone metrics. The e-book describes what "connect" really means, offers straightforward strategies to dramatically improve call connection, and shares why your practice should care about this fundamental phone metric.

In this in-depth study, you'll discover:

Common call connection trends experienced by healthcare practices

How call connection directly impacts your practice's bottom line

A clear understanding of what connect really is and why it matters

Straightforward strategies to improve your practice's call connection immediately

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