Call Box Town Hall:
Unveiling Call Box's Newest Innovations

Call Box recently introduced a number of new features and enhancements over the past couple of months. These include the introduction of Web Form Leads, Pursue Opportunities Seized reporting, and Call Tag insights added to Call Details and Search for a Call. Additionally, we've strengthened our integrations, as demonstrated by the seamless Google Analytics 4 (GA4) integration we've unveiled.

Are you interested in diving deeper into these new reports and features? Do you have questions about other reporting our product team can help address?

Join key members of Call Box’s product team – Jackie Bowers, Steve Hamrell, Kelsey Parrish, and Jenny Packard – in an on-demand panel hosted by Sophia Kowalewski! They will discuss these innovations in detail to ensure you are getting the most out of Call Box. They’ll offer actionable tips on how to better utilize Call Box reporting so you can increase appointment conversion rates, improve user experience, and ultimately boost ROI!

During this Town Hall, we'll dive into some of the latest features and product updates including:

Call Box's Innovative Web Form Leads

Pursue Opportunities Seized Reporting

Call Tags on Call Details and Search for a Call

Sensitive Information Removal Updates

Call Box’s Google Analytics 4 Integration

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Jackie Bowers has been with Call Box for 12 years, spending time in several departments around the company, getting to know our users, and the ins and outs of our product. Some of the most exciting parts of her job are using client feedback to drive tangible differences in our offerings, participating in marketing brainstorms, and roadmapping AI-based enhancements to the Call Box product.

Jenny has worked at Call Box for over 8 years in an array of areas including technical support, consulting, machine learning, and most recently product management. She loves all areas of the Call Box’s product but has found a home in website calls and machine learning. This year she played a pivotal role in spearheading the adoption of the latest advancements in GA4 and maintaining strict adherence to industry standards. She enjoys hearing from our clients and working with them to ensure they are Owning the Phone.

A 15+ year automotive technology thought leader, Steve has worked at DealerSocket/Solera, Carvana, and other industry giants prior to joining the Call Box team. Bringing a unique customer-centric perspective to the practice of Product development, Steve is wholly focused on delivering an improved customer experience with every project that crosses his desk. Having spent years working directly with customers, Steve has a unique understanding of what it takes to move the needle for them every day.

Kelsey has worked at Call Box for nearly 3 years, starting as a consultant who built strong relationships with clients and now as a product manager who is working on building for optimal customer experience. Currently, Kelsey is leading the movement that is Call Tags and looks forward to the benefits gained by our clients.

Sophia has spent the last 3 years working with healthcare organizations to increase their bottom line through improving phone handling and converting more opportunities. Her goal is to ensure that these organizations have the data and skills to own the phone and each reach their unique office goals.