Additional Industries

Call Box works with a variety of businesses – from automotive dealerships and law firms to hotels and gyms – to provide comprehensive call tracking and cloud phone system solutions.

The phone is the lifeline of your business, and Call Box understands the importance of connecting every caller. Call Box's solutions allow businesses to gain transparent insight into every phone call, eliminate inefficiencies in call handling, and improve caller experience.

Human & Artificial Intelligence Call Review

Uncover and resolve gaps in phone processes with a unique combination of human reviewers and machine learning technology.

In-Depth Reporting and Alerts

Receive actionable reports and alerts that allow you to proactively improve phone performance from an enterprise level all the way down to the individual agent.

Seamless Integrations

Get instant integration with major CRMs to increase accountability and better manage your most important leads.

Cloud Phone System

Ditch outdated hardware systems that are difficult to configure and expensive to maintain. Call Box has partnered with GoTo Connect to provide a reliable and flexible cloud phone system.

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