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Developing Leaders

Call Box is redefining what it means to have an authentic culture with real growth opportunities for employees at all stages. For the interviews below, we caught up with team members who started their careers with Call Box as Associate Consultants. See what they get up to now!
Kerry Senior Consultant
Started at Call Box in 2015
Number of roles held: 2
Sarah Sales Account Executive
Started at Call Box in 2011
Number of roles held: 5
Andrew Account Transition Specialist
Started at Call Box in 2015
Ford Strategic Partnerships
Started at Call Box in 2017
Breanna Implimentation Consultant
Started at Call Box in 2015
Mary Product Marketing Manager
Started at Call Box in 2013
Number of roles held: 4
"Call Box's fast-paced environment offers its employees years of experience in a much shorter amount of time. It will press your threshold but advance you faster than anywhere else." - Nathan Jennings, Executive Vice President, Sales
Why Call Box? Kerry: Call Box has made me responsible for some of our biggest clients - within just 2 years of working here. That's exactly what I was looking for when I took a consulting role. Sarah: The people. I had another opportunity with a brand-recognized company but was more excited about working with the folks at Call Box. Breanna:I chose Call Box because I knew that I would be allowed the opportunity to grow within the company, both personally and professionally. Mary: I've worked the 80 hour/week jobs, I've worked the 9-5 jobs, and I've worked at jobs with no hope of change. There's no place like Call Box. Here, I have the freedom to try anything without fear of failure, tackle giant problems in my own way, and be surrounded by people that are fighting alongside me. Call Box is home.
"I am really proud that Call Box has maintained its innovative culture while building an efficient training program. It must be effective, because our people learn really fast."
Patrick Elverum, COO
What do you do today and how did you get here? Breanna: I am an Implementation Consultant, I set up new automotive and healthcare accounts. Sarah: I'm in sales but I started prior to any sales team had existed at Call Box. I was asked to pursue an opportunity in outside sales. It put me outside of my comfort zone but ultimately, helped me develop an entirely new skill set. Andrew:I head up our retention efforts. My goal is to keep clients from cancelling, but I also want to ensure that -- even if the client decides to proceed with the cancellation -- we end the relationship on a positive note. Mary: I am responsible for growing our current clients - meaning, I make sure that we are creating the right message when they are ready to better Own the Phone.
CEO Reid Wakefield (left) delivering a presentation family style at the annual Call Box summit and Brandon Owens (right) playing some serious volleyball at a Call Box milestone celebration party.
How does Call Box develop its people? Kerry: The best lessons I have learned are from interacting with our clients. Call Box embraces both failures and successes. This allows you to have the freedom to take risks and chances. Andrew: Call Box develops people by giving their employees the freedom to grow their skill set as they see fit. I've worked in a lot of departments during my time here. A lot of my moves were driven by my desire to build a particular skill set, one that aligned with a position that needed to be filled. Breanna:What I have noticed about Call Box is that management pays attention to you and recognizes your potential and helps you pursue your goal.
Call Box team members celebrate after a tough day of competition at the Fit Company Challenge.
What do you like about your job? Breanna: I like the opportunity to help people with an organization that recognizes my performance and helps me succeed. Also, that I am one of the first people that get to interact with new clients and assist where assistance is needed. Andrew: I really love how closely my work impacts our revenue. A single account I can convince to stay equates to tens of thousands of dollars a year that stays on the revenue line. Ford: I like how I have the freedom to identify problems, come up with a plan of action, and then execute. At Call Box you have the opportunity to see everything through to completion, and you are given ownership early and often over projects and engagements. This not only allows for growth but it also allows for you to take pride in your work.
Account Executive Sarah Thomas (left) talking with a customer in front of a Vegas backdrop. Call Box team members (right) share a laugh during AGB day.
"You'll struggle here if you're still spending most of your day
passively waiting for a new email that gives you something to do."
- Reid Wakefield, CEO
How'd you find Call Box? Breanna:I started off at Lead Tag 5 years ago and was introduced to Call Box the moment I walked through the door. I was given the opportunity by the team of senior management who noticed my work performance and thought I would be a good fit for the Call Box team. Andrew:I found Call Box through a friend, Jill Bridges, who leads our Humanatic team. Ford: I found Call Box through "Handshake" while in college, Call Box was listed on the platform. Although I applied through a third party site, I was impressed by how quickly Call Box followed up with me and started the recruiting process.
Call Box celebrating at the annual AGB party.
What kind of professional development have you received? Breanna: Coaching and development with an engaged and supportive team. Andrew: The biggest one is time management. It's such a critical skill to build. You have to be able to manage your time efficiently in order to succeed at Call Box. Ford: I came to Call Box two weeks after graduating from College, all of my professional development is attributed to Call Box. From learning how to organize and run meetings, to managing a portfolio of accounts, to learning how to push through internal uncertainty and just "go". That was all developed at Call Box.
Some of the Call Box team bring out their winter apparel at a Dallas Stars hockey game.
What's your best advice to a new AC who is ambitious and anxious to make an impact? Breanna: The advice I would give to a new employee would be keep your ears open, pay attention to the customer and stay engaged. Also, make every experience a learning opportunity. Andrew: Don't shy away from failure: you'll have a bad call, a manager yell at you, a client cancel. The most important thing is to pick yourself back up, learn from your mistakes, and approach it as a learning experience. Ford: I would tell a new employee to go fast and seek feedback. Try and work with your manager and senior team members to develop a plan to get you working with clients as soon as you can and then after those initial engagements immediately seek feedback to put to practice.
"Be brave. Lean into things that feel uncomfortable and scary." - Patrick Elverum, COO

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