Agencies and Publishers
Call Box is the comprehensive solution to attribute phone calls to marketing spend and give clients insight to handle those calls better.
Human & Artificial Intelligence Call Review
Give clients more than simple call counts. We record and review every phone call and text message your platform generates to validate the credible leads you're driving and show what's actually happening on calls.
Provide Actionable Insights to Convert More Leads
Identify where marketing-generated leads slip through the cracks and provide clients insightful, easy-to-understand reporting to help them achieve desired call outcomes.
Homegrown Telephony Platform
Leverage in-house engineers and experts with decades of experience in telephone functionality and integration solutions designed to fit your needs.
Call Box works with digital marketers, publishers, website providers, and lead generators who want to provide complete visibility into the qualified phone leads they deliver to clients, increase inbound call traffic, and help clients convert more leads.

Call Box helps you truly understand the data to create a valuable story to share and prove value to clients who trust you with their businesses.

Complete Attribution
Measure and validate how many quality calls your efforts are generating for your clients with unique tracking phone numbers and call categorization.

Rather than solely delivering call counts, Call Box leverages human reviewers and artificial intelligence to track, record, and review 100% of calls to determine which sources are delivering quality opportunities that convert.

Tie Online Sources to Offline Phone Calls
Tie calls to the online referring source, keyword, or campaign that led to them and determine the type of leads various sources are driving.

Our Google integrations pull granular campaign data directly from Google Ads' API and push call outcome data into Google Analytics.

Easy Reporting and Consistent Data-Retrieval
Easily access digestible phone data in a way which works for you. Utilize an open API, real-time data shares, or view reports on Call Box's reporting platform.

Empower your client relationships by providing clients direct access to their phone call data via their own Call Box login.

Spam Call Protection
Overcome the increasing surge of spam call activity disrupting businesses. Protect clients from skewed data, disruption in operations, and costly phone bills through industry-leading techniques.

Call Box's proprietary algorithm intelligently detects and blocks spam and fraudulent calls before they even hit clients' phone lines.

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