Client Stories
See how Call Box is helping more than 46,000 businesses optimize their phone processes.
I would recommend Call Box to other call center managers because you can customize it to what you need. I don't have a quality assurance program or team -- my team is my senior management -- so additional help has been tremendous. If we want to be great at what we do, then we need feedback. If all Call Box did was provide us with recordings, that'd be great, but they do so much more than just that for us.
Sandy Vazquez
Call Center Manager
University of Minnesota Physicians
With Call Box, there are monthly reports about what's happening on the calls so we can track improvements and see if there are areas and trends that need to be highlighted. We started a CRISP competition among the agents and there was impressive buy-in from the six teams. Agents are more engaged and have even begun enlisting other team members to perform particular metrics on calls.
Joe Paschka
Call Center Operations Manager
Hudson Road Animal Hospital
Call Box is extremely helpful for training front desk staff, along with strengthening our marketing efforts.
Marcy Ward
Practice Manager
Jefferson Dental Clinics
I can -- within an hour -- listen to a call and save the attempt so that, in real time, I can coach my team and salvage missed appointment opportunities to grow my patient flow.
Dalia Rios Hill
Spodak Dental Group
I think it's fun that when your team understands what the expectations are, then they can really live up to those expectations. When you have metrics to back that up or to really keep track of the score on how they're doing, you can get to those goals so much faster. I always think about sports and my husband is really big into sports and football. If you don't keep track of the score or the numbers, you don't know who's winning the game. We keep track of that. We use Call Box to know how we're doing.
Erika Pusillo
Practice Optimizer
Optimizing Traditional and Digital Marketing Efforts
The Marketing Department at a multi-specialty group practice uses Call Box to track direct mail drops and keep tabs on digital marketing efforts. The department is able to pinpoint which sources are driving the best leads, thereby identifying where it should continue investing its marketing dollars. The team was able to uncover that certain communities were actually better served with direct mail advertisements, while others responded more favorably to digital efforts, including social media. In doing so, marketing has tweaked its approach to campaigns based on geography.
West Point Buick GMC
Ever since we've signed up with Car Wars, the number of appointments set, the show rate, everything has improved really highly... If we didn't have Car Wars, we wouldn't be where we are today. We've gone so far because of it. I have and will continue to recommend Car Wars to other dealerships.
Jorgie Eskew
Internet Manager
Rock Dental Brands
From an effectiveness standpoint, as we've been able to gain more visibility into our full marketing funnel -- and Call Box has really helped us do that a lot -- we've been able to really tie that back to understand, great, we love that the phone is ringing, we love that leads are coming through the website, but that doesn't pay anybody's paycheck. What we ultimately have to get is the completed appointment.
Jake Sligh
Chief Marketing Officer
Heartland Dental
With my offices, it's a really big deal for us to utilize [Call Box] because it's remarkable if it's used correctly. Our PMOs will sit down at least once a month (twice a month would be ideal) with their business assistants, the forefront of the office that are answering the phones. They go over the results, go over the calls. I mean, we're talking about in front of everybody. So Suzy Q. could be listening to Sandra Doe and be like, 'Oh my gosh, I sound like that? I could've done that better.' You game plan together, you strategize together. How could we have done that better?
Michelle Ameen
Regional Manager of Operations
I'm a firm believer that people will do the best they can with the knowledge they have. People are trying to do their best. What I like about Call Box is it brings in information and data and puts it in a way we can use. It makes us aware of things we didn't even know, like when our phone is being answered and when it is not. It brings to light things we can now discuss and do better because we know better.
Todd McKnight
Regional Director of Operations
Penske Automotive Group
Using the Car Wars reporting, we created a scoring system based off of Outbound Call Activity and User Engagement. This has not only driven outbound calling activity across the 7 stores, but has also increased manager follow-up calls and made listening to inbound calls a major priority. Over the past year, outbound activity across all stores has gone up 60%!
Julie Pizzorni
Area Business Development Manager
Affordable Dentistry
We go off of what Call Box provides us, and use it as a tool for improvement in the office. It's been fantastic for us.
Bridgette Reed
Financial Administrator
Pismo Beach Veterinary Clinic
I used Call Box for 6 months and it had a great effect on our staff. It was a wonderful training tool (and helpful when you want to listen to a difficult call). Good reports, easy to set up, worth it!
Michelle Wright
Practice Manager
21st Century Dental
I can't think of anything better that we've brought into the practice in the last 10 years that's helped us significantly improve.
Lisa Barerra
Office Manager
Streamlining Operations for Group Practices
Regional Managers and Directors at one of the nation's largest DSOs use Call Box to analyze key phone metrics for each of their respective offices every month. Call Box provides an overview for individuals who oversee several locations so they have one report to view how all of their offices are comparatively performing. This helps leadership identify which offices are their high performers and where to dig in during the month ahead because there is an opportunity for improvement.
Trophy Nissan
Car Wars allows you to put car deals together and see where the holes are. You may have a shy salesperson who doesn't know how to handle a direct customer over the phone -- with Car Wars reporting, you can swoop in and help.
Jennifer Carroll
General Sales Manager
Creating an Effective Feedback Loop
Office Managers at a growing veterinary group check Call Box's reports before every staff performance meeting or weekly office huddle. At a glance, managers are able to see what needs to be worked on and who specifically needs to adjust verbiage on the phone. It allows them to instill accountability in their teams to celebrate top performers and coach those who need assistance. This particular group has even developed a friendly competition among offices that focuses on both individual and office-level performance based on the metrics in Call Box's staff activity report.
Freedom Dental Management
It's that next level [with Call Box] where I think we've been able to see a lot of growth and success -- Okay, [the patient] called. How do we make sure they're converting? Are certain staff members not converting? Is it something in the verbiage we're using? Are patients asking the same questions? So then maybe we need to put some kind of content on the website or change the verbiage in the advertising to answer those questions ahead of time.
John Schwind
Marketing Director
DSO Data Study
Discover how one of the nation's largest DSOs is leveraging Call Box's data to gain detailed insight into the performance of its offices and call center. This data study focuses on the key phone metrics that will drive growth for the organization and offers practical recommendations for improvement.
Sun Toyota, Morgan Automotive Group
So when we talk about something like Car Wars (or Cari), we see that as an asset to the dealership because it'll improve our processes. The platform alone gives us all of the information we need not only to live, but we can look back and see what we've done well and where our opportunities are to improve.
Victor Montoya
Sr. Internet Director