Developing Leaders

Associate Consultant program develops leaders who never quit.
Call Box is redefining what it means to have an authentic and remarkable culture. For the interview below, we caught up with members of the Call Box Sales & Consulting program at their office in the heart of downtown Dallas.
Avi Meshulam Account Executive
Account Executive at Call Box since June 2014. Avi works with prospective and existing clients to show them all the ways that our multi family platform adds value to their business.
Brandon Owen Consulting Manager
Consulting Manager with Call Box since March 2015. Brandon works closely with the automotive consulting team to make sure they have everything they need to help our automotive accounts Own the Phone.
Jardin Battle Senior Consultant
Senior Consultant at Call Box since January 2015. Jardin handles cross selling and consulting for some of our key automotive accounts.
Jessica Nelson Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant at Call Box since September 2015. As one of our newest consultants, Jessica performs on-site training engagements and helps to launch new clients.
Clint Byers Associate Consultant
Associate Consultant at Call Box since June 2015. Clint consults with clients in the healthcare industry to help their organizations Own The Phone.
"If we're focused and pulling together in the right direction, then we can do anything." - Reid Wakefield, CEO
What is Call Box and how does it help people? Brandon: Call Box is a software company that tracks and records phone calls for businesses. Our clients use our data to ensure that they are handling every phone call properly, and not missing any sales opportunities. With Call Box, clients make sure that they are "Owning the Phone" daily. Avi: Call Box helps business owners sleep comfortably at night by giving them peace of mind that their phones are managed every day. Call Box also offers creative professionals the opportunity to collaborate and learn essential business skills that transfer to almost any profession. Jessica: Call Box is a technology company that provides business solutions and insight into how the phones are handled. Beyond simple recording and tracking of every call, our software allows business owners to capture and maximize on every business-driving opportunity over the phone.
"Call Box is a place where creative minds can come together to express their ideas."
Clint Byers
How does the Associate Consultant position help people develop professionally? Jardin: Whether you come from an experienced background or not, the AC role will develop you in more ways than you can imagine. AC's are given a lot of responsibility fast and are encouraged whether they fail hard or succeed. There are exponential opportunities within Call Box and the AC role allows for individuals to set themselves apart in order to own an idea or challenge. Avi: Our newest hires, or Associate Consultants, are immediately given a huge amount of responsibility. Call Box believes the best way to learn is by doing, so you'll be engaging clients much faster than expected. Associate Consultants learn how to engage clients, train users, maintain relationships, and balance their time to be as effective as possible. Jessica: The Associate Consultant positions allows you to learn hard and fast what it takes to be successful in an interactive, client-facing role. Whether you anticipate a career path in sales, consulting, management, marketing or (pretty much anything), the responsibilities and challenges you tackle as an AC will arm you with the right professional skills.
CEO Reid Wakefield (left) delivering a presentation family style at the annual Call Box summit and Brandon Owens (right) playing some serious volleyball at a Call Box milestone celebration party.
What types of roles can you get into after being an Associate Consultant? Brandon: Associate Consultants can stay in the consultant vein and move into field consulting or Senior level consulting, or take another path entirely. We have seen Associate Consultants launch into Sales Careers, Marketing Careers, and even Software Development Careers. The AC role prepares you for any next step you should choose. Jardin: The career path at Call Box allows for more creativity since it is not your traditional corporate structure. Some have entered into roles with engineering and development, inside or field sales, even management. Others have actually created a completely new role.
"The Associate Consultant positions allows you to learn hard and fast what it takes to be successful in an interactive, client-facing role." - Jessica Nelson, Associate Consultant
Above: Call Box team members celebrate after a tough day of competition at the Fit Company Challenge. Below: Jardin and Jelissa posing at the DallasBIG conference.
What is your favorite part about the culture at Call Box? Clint: We are all fairly likeminded. I have made some of my best friends at Call Box. Everyone has similar goals, interests, and personalities. It's hard to not like the culture at Call Box. Jardin: My favorite part about our culture is how positive and hard working the people around me are. It is such an amazing thing to see such a large group of people step up and think outside the box when they are faced with a challenge.
Account Executive Sarah Thomas (left) talking with a customer in front of a Vegas backdrop. Call Box team members (right) celebrating the newest round of AC's to finish training.
"You'll struggle here if you're still spending most of your day
passively waiting for a new email that gives you something to do."
- Reid Wakefield, CEO
What makes Call Box unique? Clint: The people. Call Box is really nothing without its people and that's what makes it unique. You have people from many different backgrounds and all over the world. Yet, when we are all under one roof, there is nothing that really separates us. Brandon: Call Box is unique in that, we look at who you are and what you can do, rather than what you've already done. Our leadership is really good at tapping into people's strengths and then giving them an opportunity to flourish while using those strengths.
"Very few places are going to give you the level of responsibility that you'll get at Call Box. Almost directly out of the gate you'll be leading client interactions and making decisions that affect our business."
Avi Meshulam
What type of personality is best suited for this team? Jessica: I love how Call Box has this great mix of coaching, mentoring and training but we're also empowered and expected to be bold, try new things, and strike out on our own. Avi: People that work here can't be afraid to move quickly. The analogy we use is building the plane while it's in the air. You'll be expected to handle many responsibilities while looking for the opportunity to fill your plate further. You need to be organized, driven, and fearless.
Some of the Call Box team bring out their winter apparel at a Dallas Stars hockey game.
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