Phone Skills Training

Empower Staff to Enhance Patient Interactions and Increase Appointment Bookings with Targeted Phone Training and Generative AI Solutions

The need for dental phone training is evident as patient interactions over the phone play a crucial role in delivering a positive patient experience. Investing in comprehensive phone training maximizes patient appointment opportunities and enhances dental practices' efficiency and productivity. Moreover, targeted phone training plays a pivotal role in achieving long-term success and fostering patient retention. However, most managers don't have the time or resources to train staff on the phone skills needed to confidently handle common patient objections and routinely offer and convert appointments.

Call Box offers a comprehensive solution for dental practices that includes engaging phone training videos and an AI-fueled Call Coaching solution. This extensive training program empowers your staff to enhance patient interactions and increase appointment bookings by following Call Box's proven phone handling best practices.

Invest in your practice's phone performance to:

Gain instant qualitative call coaching notes on missed appointment opportunity phone calls
Access proven phone training videos provided by Dentlogics through your Call Box account dashboard
Enhance patient experience with improved phone handling skills and professionalism
Foster continuous staff development and performance improvement
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