Introducing AI-Powered Call Transcriptions and Recap for Enhanced Patient Insights
July 1, 2024

Call Box is excited to introduce our new AI-powered call transcriptions and recaps, designed to revolutionize the way you manage and review patient calls.

Our call transcriptions are powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI), ensuring that every conversation is captured and transcribed into a clear, easy-to-read format. The AI-driven technology not only improves the accuracy of transcriptions and reduces the time invested in listening to call recordings but is also presented in a conversational style that is simple to follow.

Key Features
Conversational Format

Transcriptions are formatted in a user-friendly conversational style, making it easier to scan through the details.

Improved Accuracy

Our AI enhancements ensure that the transcriptions are more accurate than ever before.

Sensitive Information Redaction

Sensitive information such as credit card details, billing information, and social security numbers is automatically redacted to maintain confidentiality and compliance.

With these transcriptions, you can quickly review the content of a call without needing to listen to the entire audio recording. This is particularly useful for busy healthcare professionals who need to gather patient information swiftly and efficiently.

In addition to transcriptions, we are also offering call recaps, which provide a concise summary of patient interactions. This feature includes critical details such as appointment dates, services discussed, and any costs or dollar amounts mentioned during the call.

Key Features
Concise Summaries

Recaps offer a brief overview of the call, highlighting the most important points and actions required.

Insightful Details

For new patients or those whose status is unclear, recaps provide valuable insights that can help in managing patient care more effectively

By quickly scanning through transcriptions and recaps, you save time that would otherwise be spent listening to lengthy call recordings. These AI-powered features ensure important details are captured accurately, reducing the risk of errors. With easy access to call summaries and patient information, you can provide more personalized and timely care.

Ready to invest in your practice's call management and patient insights?

Our AI-powered call transcriptions and recaps are available to all accounts on our higher Healthcare packages. Upgrade your healthcare communication today with our innovative call transcription and recap features, and experience the benefits of streamlined, efficient, and accurate call management.

If you do not yet have access to our AI features or want to learn more, schedule time with one of our experts HERE.