The Quality of Your Data Matters
What phone handling metrics and alerts do you REALLY need to be aware of and track consistently?

It's the details that matter when it comes to the phone. Most healthcare providers, however, have little to no insight into what's happening on their patient calls. It's important to have a resource in place that provides answers rather than creates more questions. Ensure vital patient phone call data is easily accessible and comprehendible for your practice. At Call Box, here are some ways our technology leverages the phone to improve phone processes, increase booked appointments, and enhance patient experiences while keeping value top-of-mind:

Improving Phone Processes

The phone is more than just inbound and outbound calls. Do you know what happened on your calls? What number of calls were from new patients? How many calls resulted in booked appointments? Having a solution that can reveal the answers to these questions allows you to properly measure phone performance for your practice. The Practice Performance Report within Call Box breaks down calls into a variety of categories including calls that connected with a staff member to assist the patient, new patient opportunities, booked appointments, and more!

Increasing Booked Appointments

With thousands of calls coming into your practice, it can be a challenge to find the ones that matter. Instead of scrolling through the endless list of calls where time is lost and opportunities can be missed, have a solution in place that does that work for you. The Pursue Box in Call Box sends you the most important calls that result in unbooked appointments. By sorting the best opportunities into one concise place, spend less time looking for a needle in a haystack and proactively follow up with high-quality leads to book more appointments.

Enhancing Patient Experiences

When a patient calls in, their first experience with your practice starts on the phone. The phone is your most important tool in providing an excellent patient experience. Having a way to measure your staff's phone handling performance allows you to see areas where further training is needed and to hold staff accountable. Call Box's Agent Performance report breaks calls down into four key metrics to measure staff phone performance. Staff who are experts on the phone enhance patient experience which leads to increased appointments scheduled and bottom-line revenue.

The technology you use each day in your practice should make your life easier. Call Box's detailed, actionable insights into phone handling will transform your operations and phone management, which translates to improved patient experience and your bottom line.

To see how Call Box is helping practices leverage the phone to increase scheduled appointments and boost patient experience, schedule your demo HERE!